The 14 best high-paying part-time jobs for college students in Canada

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Everyone needs money. But for worldwide college students, having a part-time job and getting extra cash may be the only way to pay for coaching payments, everyday costs, and rent. The good news is that Canada allows students to have part-time jobs while learning. And having a part-time job can even give extra benefits. Some employers and firms, for example, expand work benefits to part-timers. Such as coaching reimbursement, workable plan, dental coverage and health, stocks at a reduction, and worker reduction.

1- Guest service coordinator:

Really good buyer and visitor services skills are required here. As a visitor service adviser, you can work in lots of pastures, from non-profits to tourism and travel. Earning up to 21 dollars an hour, in this job you would attend people and help resolve issues.

2- Web designer:

Are you a specialist in Adobe Photoshop and Artist, a freelancer, creating content for businesses, or discovering an internship at a marketing company? The payment varies widely! It can go between 20 dollars to 150 dollars per hour or it can be per project too. 2 bonuses: flexible hours as a free agent and building a nice folder.

3- Cafeteria Worker:

Super conventional part-time jobs for college students! Working in the university’s dining places doesn’t need much experience and pays better than other cafe jobs. The salary goes between 15 dollars to 30 dollars per hour and you can gain some free coffees and meals.

4- Bartender:

Skillful bartenders working in busy areas can make incredibly good money: about 1000 dollars working only three nights a week. Sounds good for you?

5- Circulation clerk:

Helping library patrons and creating user experiences for guests can be a very fun job. As a circulation clerk, the payment goes up to 19 dollars an hour. But some preceding background in buyer service may be required, just as essential office knowledge.

6- Grant analyst:

As a grant analyst, you will be accepting grant typing, as well as working to make ready and submit funding requests. The payment is up to 32 dollars per hour and it may be a year of previous experience.

7- Online researcher:

Do you have excellent investigation skills, the ability to discover quality content, and common knowledge of the business? So, starting an online researcher can be a good chance for you. In this job, you would have to pillar business pro by researching questions to deliver clients high-quality answers and pleasant clarification. The salary is up to 37 dollars an hour.

8- Non-Profit charity fundraiser:

Helping a non-profit and its associated fundraising activity can be a well-paid part-time job. Charges go up to 30 dollars per hour. But for this job, you will want public-cladding work experience.

9- Dog Walker:

Who wouldn’t love that job? It is a perfect amalgamation of supply hours, having fun with pets, and extra good cash. A dog walker can charge 16 dollars for an hour-long class walk and walks 4-5 dogs at a time, once a day and 4 days a week. Also, charges can rise to 20 dollar-25 dollars for personal half-hour walks. But first, it is important to peruse the laws for insurance and licensing in your town, as cops do hand out tickets for infringement. And have in mind that caring for people’s good friends is serious dedication.

10- Computerized College Note Taker:

You can earn extra cash and help hard of hearing students at the same time with this part-time job.

11- Social Media Assistant:

Heavy Social Media user? This can be a good part-time or a free agent job for you. It involves updating Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other sites for firms. The payment can be a locked amount per month or hour. In this next case, the minimum would be up to 21 dollars an hour.

12- Music teacher:

There is a nice chance to make extra cash giving music lessons. If you play a tool very well, like a guitar or piano, you can be a music tutor. The hourly wage varies a lot, starting at around 12 dollars for a half-hour and going to 100 dollar-150 dollars an hour to extremely good and experienced in-demand tutors.

13- Writer:

Are you the imaginative type? For working as a worker or self-employed writer, you must have rare writing and editing expertise. Also, working under a time limit is very important. Hold on to the task, a writer must create particular and focused content, but there are subject places too. It pays up to 55 dollars an hour.

14- Fitness instructor:

This job does want certification and particular training, but it can remunerate a lot. Instructors can work in gyms, in client homes, or studios. The average pay for a personal trainer is 30 dollars per hour. And for in-home (PT) personal training sessions, charges can rise to 75 dollar-100 dollars an hour.